The River and its Wildlife

It was once wide enough and powerful enough to carve a great valley through the chalk escarpment.  Romans transported their grain down the Darent in boats.  For hundreds of years it was heralded as the greatest trout river in southern England. Yet, just fifty years ago, it almost completely dried up. The river is the reason why every one of the communities has developed where they did.  It still runs like a thread through all their stories. Today the river is just an echo of its former glory. What is the real story of the Darent and what is needed to return it to being again a natural habitat for its lost trout?

River formation and the rate of abstraction.  Spencer’s The Faerie Queene. Riffles and pools. Weirs and sedimentation, The Environment Agency with the North West Kent Countryside Alliance help improve the quality and the quantity of the Darent waters. The lakes.  Indiginous fish include gudgeon, minnow and stickleback with carp, tench, bream and trout. The effects of wild trout. The reduction in eels.  The introduction of fish passes.