The Darent Villages and Towns

There are 13 villages and three market towns along the course of the river. Darent devotes a separate chapter to each village. It includes photos of all the well-known houses in every village with a thumbnail history on each. A bird’s-eye-view map allows you to trace where every property is located. Each chapter traces the earliest history of the settlement. It also includes a wealth of stories about former inhabitants and the role the village has played in historic events. The individual chapters celebrate the heritage of each village and town along the river, making a visit more interesting and memorable.

Each village is studied in four parts: A description of the village for the visitor followed by the story of its origins as a community; details of every listed home and houses of interest; historical anecdotes about the people who have lived there, the events that have taken place there and  a review of the parish church.
Descriptions of major battles include: Edward the Elder vs. the Vikings at Bloodins Field: the battle of Solefields, Offa vs. The Men of Kent at the first battle of Otford,  Edmund Ironside vs. Canute at the second battle of Otford and the Battle of Britain over the Darent Valley.
Stories about famous people include: Octavia Hill, Winston Churchill, John Frith, General Wolfe, Prince Louis Napoleon, William Isley, Serg de Bolotoff, George Stanhope, Jane Austen, King Harold, Karl Marx, William Sennocke, Jack Cade, Jeffrey Amherst, Thomas Sackville, Vita Sackville-West, Offa king of Mercia, King Canute, Edward 111, Henry V111, Elizabeth Barton (the Maid of Kent), the Polhills, John Wesley, Samuel Palmer, Tom Hart Dyke, Thomas Becket, Peter Warlock, Percy Pilcher, Sir Hirim Maxim, William Bligh, Sir Thomas Smith, Wat Tyler and the Order of St. John’s Jerusalem.